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Affiches soviétiques (1917-1953)

(1) Jusqu'aux années 30...


For the power of the Soviets !



All power is to the Soviets !


Social Revolutioner's Party. You find your right in the struggle ! 1917



The Proletarian dictatorship's year - October 1917-October 1918. 1918



Ahead, in defense of the Urals ! 1919



May-Day. Workers have nothing to lose but their chains. 1919



A ghost wanders about Europe, a ghost of communism. 1920


Let's go to Communist party ! 1920



Comrade Lenin cleans the land from garbage. 1920

(Le camarade Lénine nettoie la Terre de la saleté.)



An illiterate man is a blind man. 1920



Every hammer blow is a blow to enemy ! 1920



Did you volunteer ! 1920



Us, by the quarter of cannons, whips and machine-guns. 1920



The capital. 1920



For the death of world imperialism ! 1920



Only close unity of workers and peasants saves Russia from ruin and hungry. 1920



In order to have more - we have to produce more. 1920



What the October revolution gave workers. 1920



We destroy the ruin's chains with a strong stroke. 1921



Send Menshevik to soviet - bourgeois comes. Send S.R. 1921



The money new, the real strong currency, will strengthen our towns and country. 1924



Lenin 1870-1924. 1924



Young Leninists - Illyich's children. 1924



The victory of revolution in the cooperation of workers and peasants. 1925



Peasant woman, consolidate the unity of workers and peasants. 1925



If you would not read books, you will forget the grammar. 1925



Liberated woman, build up socialism ! 1926



The building of socialism. 1927



On condition of total cooperation. 1927



Old and new - The general line. 1929



Stop. The last warning. 1929



We state it loud, drunkards be elsewhere. 1929



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